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    Abortion is one of the topics that are known to quickly turn interesting and exciting conversations gloomy even in countries where it is not necessarily a taboo. In the UAE, it is treated with more seriousness and the local law imposes tough penalties on this practice.

    Despite all this, the number of abortion cases in the country has been reported to be steadily going up over the years. A good number of these abortions are usually DIY abortions using non-recommended procedures; hence they come with a big risk to the woman.

    The unfortunate part is that when the abortions go bad, the woman, usually in a critical condition can’t go to the local health institutions for fear of scrutiny and possible punishment owing to tough UAE laws. Regardless of whether the pregnancy was as a result of rape or not, they are all treated in the same way.

    According to these laws, abortion is only allowed in two circumstances: when the pregnancy is a risk to the mother, and when there is evidence showing that the baby will be born with deformities that will limit its survival chances.

    Even in cases where these two conditions are met, a panel comprised of doctors has to be set up so that they can discuss whether or not the abortion should be done. This further lowers the chances of getting approval for a Sharjah abortion.

    In addition to their general beliefs on the practice, this panel will also factor in the length of the pregnancy. Some say that Sharjah abortion clinics should not administer abortions on pregnancies older than 42 days while others believe that the threshold is at 120 days.

    Most women would not opt for an abortion in Sharjah when there is a better and more feasible alternative. Making the decision to abort is in itself a tough and emotionally draining experience, and women who decide to go through with it get seek high quality facilities to ease the pain.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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