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AK 47 headshot

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    **AK-47 in CS2**

    The ak 47 headshot, available exclusively to Terrorists in this shooter game, is highly sought after due to its excellent characteristics. This weapon delivers lethal damage, asserting dominance on the battlefield with its ability to pierce armor and maintain effectiveness over long distances.

    A notable version of the AK-47 comes with a kill counter. The StatTrak™ edition tracks the number of kills made with the weapon, but it comes at a premium. For instance, the Battle-Scarred skin costs $30.59, while the Factory New version is priced at $286.64.

    **Popularity and Rarity**

    Currently, the AK-47 is extremely popular, with a usage rate of 99% based on daily sales data. Its popularity is partly due to its affordability. To see the AK-47 Headshot in action, watch pro matches featuring players like s1mple, flamie, and NiKo.

    The AK-47 belongs to the Covert category, making it quite rare. The probability of obtaining it from a case is 0.64%. However, with a bit of luck, you might acquire it on your first try.

    **Pattern Description**

    The AK-47 Headshot skin in CS2 boasts a unique and intriguing design. It features shades of gray, violet, and pink, while the muzzle cutter and some small parts remain uncolored. The design includes HEAD SHOT GUN graffiti on the gun body, created with a blend of different shades that draw attention. The pattern index does not influence the skin’s finish.

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