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Amer Fort is a best place to enjoy in Jaipur and it has become one of the 17 iconic tourist places recognized by the Minister of Tourism of India. It is also called Amber Fort, Amer ka Kila and Amer Fort Amer Fort is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Site and a part of ‘Hill Forts of Rajasthan’. This Is not all; Amer fort was also known as a contribution to Indian history.

Amer Fort History
Amer fort was in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is one of the famous and historical forts of Rajasthan. It gave its name from Amer, because the capital state of Rajasthan, Ity was situated about 7 km from the central city, Jaipur. The oldest one was a fort built-in 1592 by Raja Man Singh and constructed and it is made up of Redstone and exotic marble that enhances the palace’s beauty. With it cast ramparts, routed paths, and a cluster of gates, the mesmerising beauty of Amber Fort overlook the Maota Lake and the primary source of water for fort.
Most Attractions of the Amer Fort
Amer fort was in Jaipur is a great place to see the fort and consists of various other things to do and see,we can do photography from elephant ride and exploring its cranny and Nook.
Amer Fort Elephant Ride
There are two ways by which we can see the Amer fort one by walking and the other one is Elephant ride . As we know about , Amer ka Kila is a giant fort, and you can feel exhausted exploring on foot. Amber fort for the elephant ride is the another way to experience the way to Amer fort.
Amer Fort Photography
In India the Amer fort was most famous, History and appealing beauty attracting tourists due to its richness. Its exotic, colourful architectural design must be seen and gives a picture-perfect view. The walls and ceiling carve the key attractions of the palace. Amer fort has many incidents of various ancient illustrative paintings that were adorn in the palace walls. The beautiful green garden of the palace adds its charm to it and offers an eye-soothing sight. There are many beautiful spots where you can take a photo perfect picture for your social Media.
Amer Fort Puppet Show
If you visit Amer fort it will be considered incomplete if you do not see the entertaining puppet shows. The puppet show was of traditional and entertaining origin of Rajasthan that gives the aura and capture to the visitors. Foreigner tourists especially enjoyed the puppet show the most. If you want to see and know about the traditional Rajasthani culture, You must have to see or experience the Puppet show to go in Amber Palace.
The Entry Fee of Amer Fort
While Visiting Amer fort is not expensive. The visiting of Amer Fort fee may different from person to person. the complete Fee Entry chart of the Amer Fort
For Indians – 50 Rupees/person
ForIndian Students – 10 Rupees/person
For Foreigners – 550 Rupees/ $ 7.33 /person
The Other entertating programs and facilities fees while by charges If you want to facilitate yourself with elephant rides or puppet shows, then they would be like-
Elephant Ride – 1100 Rupees/person
Light Shows – 200 Rupees/person
Puppet Shows – 100/person
Folk Dance – 100/person

Amer Fort : The Complete Guide You Will Ever Find