Monday, July 22, 2024

Reply To: Creating spectators and Fan base with viral clips

Rob McGregor

Whilst I don’t disagree with the sentiment, to get the kind of quality product/output and editing were talking about here requires not only the physical equipment, like cameras, but also (potentially) software for editing, as well as either volunteers, who already have the sufficient skills to edit video/produce clips (or can learn relatively quickly, or further resources to fund a professional (individual or company) crew to film and edit.

Again, I agree with the sentiment here; but having previously been involved with British ice hockey, which does have video crews at games, it’s a question of whether the resources are there to fund something like this, and whether the output would create sufficient ‘buzz’ to justify those initial/ongoing costs.

Field hockey should, in theory, have a better path to participation than ice hockey off the back of something like this (field hockey much more accessible at a base level), but I’d argue that it’s not guaranteed without sufficient, ongoing effort and resources (and, potentially, the strength of conviction to keep funnelling resources into it, when other club needs arise to compete for those same resources.)