Monday, June 27, 2022

Pendle Forest Hockey Club

English hockey’s Pendle Forest hit 80 matches unbeaten

Northern England record breakers Pendle Forest don't venture into their pre-match huddle and go "right, let's make it 81 victories." This isn't the Lancashire team's mindset. No, according to one-time England and GB international Charlotte Hartley, their ethos is to...

Pendle Forest: is this Lancashire hockey team Britain’s most successful?

By Rod Gilmour One of Lancashire’s biggest advocates of grassroots sport has been firmly in the thoughts of five members of Pendle Forest 1s this season during the all-ladies' club return to the top echelons of the North Hockey Women's...
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Hockey Matters: Injuries – How can nutrition get you back on the pitch quicker?

Injuries are unfortunately an inevitable consequence in all sports, even hockey! Most athletes will sustain at least one injury...
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