Saturday, June 22, 2024

Why not put a price tag on a medal? The Olympic Games should move with the times

Nobody ever says that winning Wimbledon is about the money. It would, in my view, be insulting for an athlete if you said you want to win because of the prize money. I don’t think any athlete thinks like that. To go through the training that we have to go through as elite hockey players, you aren’t doing that for a price.

Last month it was announced by World Athletics that the winners of nearly 50 track and field events will win $50,000 (£39,000) off the back of winning Olympic gold at Paris 2024. With sponsorship and other deals, they are set to earn considerably more. 

There is already a huge gap between Olympic and professional sports. 

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  1. I have tickets for the Paris Olympics Women’s Hockey – prelinim round, quarter finals and semi-finals.I am seeking advice on where to stay – proximity to metro, AbnB, camp sites and how to get to the ground. Also is a lot of walking involved as per Bejing and London Oympics. I have found no info from the UK side at all. Would love to hear from others also attending the hockey. Any advice pplease?


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