Sunday, July 21, 2024

Secret Hockey Coach: Best v Right and building a team the proper way

My partner and I are currently undergoing a kitchen renovation. It’s a weary process that has caused consternation at home and many meals out. When we started, we made a list of what we needed. Writing it got me thinking about building a team. How can we do it properly?

A lot of coaches ask me: what formation do you play? How many in midfield? What is your pressing strategy? … you should select this person, they are better than the other person. We entertained a couple of young coaches recently, when I sat with them for some individual time at the end of the day I told them that they could ask anything they wanted – a few months ago I had not selected someone and there was a little public outcry – one of the coaches asked why I hadn’t selected a certain player. I tried to explain about Best v Right.

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