Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Here’s to a much safer indoor hockey penalty corner

A 15-second PC play will lead to the development of passing plays that should result in creative “team” play goals, writes Peter D'Cruz

In the indoor hockey PC, the push from nine metres or less at any height towards goal with the defending field players, having very little protective armour like the goalkeeper, has caused and will continue to cause injuries including very serious ones.

Players of all ages and levels should not be subjected to putting their personal well-being on the line to prevent a goal. During field play, players will judge to avoid putting themselves in situations that could cause injury but during the PC, they are expected to put themselves in a situation that could cause injury.

How is the safer indoor hockey PC conducted?

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This article is a follow up to an approach for A Safer Outdoor Hockey PC published in January 2022. There are 15 reasons listed in the outdoor hockey article and many reasons from that article apply equally to the indoor hockey PC so please review that list.

Peter D’Cruz is founder of the Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches

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