Sunday, December 3, 2023

Men’s Hockey World Cup: Lucas Vila and Matías Rey aim for Lionel Messi heights

Los Leones will attempt to back up Argentina’s football success with men’s World Cup title glory next month – with two stalwarts entering their fifth edition in the sport’s showpiece tournament just as Lionel Messi did in Qatar.

Argentina, whose best finish is third in the 2014 edition, have chosen a relatively inexperienced squad in as much as World Cup pedigree, with 11 players set for their first showing.

Emiliano Bosso, Facundo Zárate, Nicolás Della Torre, Federico Monja, Juan Ignacio Catán, Santiago Tarazona, Thomas Habif, Nicolás Keenan, Martín Ferreiro, Tomás Domene and Lucas Toscani will all play for Los Leones for the first time.

At the other end, Lucas Vila, 36, and Matías Rey, 38, are set for their fifth World Cups – the same as football great – Lionel Messi and Agustín Mazzilli in line for his fourth World Cup appearance.

Argentina will kick off their World Cup on Jan 13 against South Africa, before group matches against Australia and France, who will host the Paris Olympics in 2024.

World No 7 Argentina were beaten in the quarter-finals by England at the 2018 tournament in Bhubaneswar.

Argentina Hockey World Cup squad:

Tomás Santiago, Emiliano Bosso, Facundo Zárate, Nicolás DellaTorre, Nicolás Cicileo, Federico Monja, Juan Ignacio Catán, Santiago Tarazona, Matías Rey, Thomas Habif, Agustín Bugallo, Agustín Mazzilli, Nicolás Keenan, Maico Casella, Martín Ferreiro, Lucas Vila, Tomás Domene and Lucas Toscani. Reserves: Bautista Capurro, Agustín Machelett.

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