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Hockey Matters: Is ‘3 cheers’ tradition dying ?

Buckingham player Lottie Porter took to social media this month to highlight what she considered to be the dying tradition of the ‘3 cheers’ at the end of the match.

Porter said that three Top 6 teams in the Vitality Women’s Premier Division had failed to offer the formality.

“It seems “3 cheers” is dying a death,” she wrote on Twitter. “Is it bad sportsmanship or are loads of teams not doing it now?! Or maybe our score lines haven’t deserved it.”

Hip, Hip, Hurray? Or is Lottie right and it is beginning to fade come full-time? Or is it just fading at elite level?

Responses to her tweet suggested that tradition is still alive and well, although there were instances where sportsmanship wasn’t observed.

“Definitely still something being done around the Midlands,” write Stephen Tabb.

“We gave an additional 3 cheers for our Umpires on Monday for managing to officiate an excellent game in the fog and when you couldn’t actually see across the whole pitch as a player!”

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  1. it’s definitely not dying on any pitch where I’m playing! We do this every game regardless of the outcome, the standard of umpiring or the conduct of the teams. it’s part of stepping back into real life after a game – leave all the grudges, niggles and woes behind. as you cross the sideline and head for the changing rooms or bar! If anything the dying aspect of hockey is the post match tea and banter as so many teams have long journeys and busy lives to get on with afterwards, and matches are often another drive away from the clubhouse so it’s easier to just head home.

  2. Not dying out where I play either. My biggest gripe is players NOT thanking the umpires. You might think they have done a bad job but NO UMPIRES NO GAMES! Unless you are willing to pick up a whistle and umpire yourself don’t grumble about those who do. I don’t enjoy umpiring but I do it so I can look other umpires in the eye and say … Would you mind umpiring my match next week and also to put something back to my club. Too many people turn up and play and disappear again because helping out is alien to them and not in their vocabulary, just moaning.


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