Wednesday, February 21, 2024

‘Disrespectful’: England Hockey Yorks TA chooses Lancashire red as shirt

England Hockey’s Yorks Talent Academy has been put to task after choosing rival colours for their players.

In a tweet posted by the Yorks TA, red and white shirts are to be worn – the colours of both Yorkshire and neighbouring county Lancashire.

After the colours were questioned on social media by Mani Kochar, the Yorkshire Hockey Association (YHA) said the choice showed a lack of respect.

“A good question and fully agree with Mani’s concerns,” YHA posted in response.

“Why have Yorkshire been allocated red which is not our county colours and are effectively Lancashire’s?

“Very disrespectful of both counties traditions and suggest EH be more thoughtful & understand the history of the counties!”

The Yorks Talent Academy said the home and away shirts were chosen “in case of clash with another TA.”

In sporting rivalry, rose colours run deep – Leeds United wear white as their home shirt while Manchester United play in red.

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