Monday, December 4, 2023

Tributes paid to England hockey player Hilda Moore, aged 100

Tributes have been paid to Hilda Moore, the former England women’s player, who died this week.

Moore celebrated her 100th birthday in May and was also thought to be the oldest living recipient to have received an honorary degree.

“Hilda was an extremely kind and generous person, who was always a joy to visit, and she will be greatly missed by all of us who had the honour to know her,” Bedford Hockey Club said.

Hilda was one of over 250 women to receive a physical education degree from the University of Bedfordshire after they had previously been banned from receiving them.

It followed a six-year campaign to recognise the degree status of former PE students’ courses.

Aged 100, and 75 years since she played for England in hockey, Hilda began her training in 1940 and went on to represent England in 1947.

Earlier this year, Hilda revealed the secret to living a long and happy life after celebrating her 100th birthday.

She said that ‘loving a good joke, keeping fit and active, and always having a tipple before bed!’ were the key ingredients.

Born in Bradford, she later moved to Fife, Scotland, as a boarder at St Andrews. From a young age, Hilda enjoyed sports, and throughout her life played lacrosse, hockey, tennis, cricket, golf and bridge, as well as swimming and diving.

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