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Alyson Annan: My top 5 hockey coaches

Over the last 35 years our columnist has experienced many different coaches in many various forms

As a player, I only had a few different coaches, maybe 10 in total, from primary school, high school, club, national and international. All these coaches have left an imprint on me that has stayed with me forever. Some things I take with me as a coach today and some I will leave behind. My assumption is, that if I didn’t like something from the past, the athletes I coach wouldn’t either. I don’t know if that is the right approach, but it is one that I take.

During my coaching career, on the other hand, I have experienced many different coaches. During tournaments, in coaching meetings, and in coaching courses from youth to senior teams, consisting of retired coaches to young coaches just starting up from many different countries and continents and sports. I am lucky to have this experience that helps me learn and grow as a coach every day. After all, every day is a learning experience.

Taking this into account, I have made a list of criteria on which I based my top five coaches, considering them to be the best coaches I know. Of course, they are not all coaches that you would have heard of. They don’t all come from our own sport and are not all well-known, but all share the same competencies that make them great coaches.

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