Tuesday, June 18, 2024

FIH Hockey Pro League: Does it make sense to hold on to a concept that costs so much?

Last week the new programme for the FIH Pro League was published. A fourth edition and fourth change to the Pro League format. Are we trying too hard to make something work?  

Initially the Pro League was meant to be one of the qualifying tournaments for the next World Cup or Olympic Games. This hasn’t yet been the case and, as yet, the Pro league has had no real incentive.  

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  1. Sadly I agree 100%. Had the original set up
    proceeded as planned who knows. The changes year on year are baffling, as a top hockey fan it leaves me wondering where it will eventually feature if at all on the international calendar.

  2. I completely agree with Alyson, especially on the negative aspects of the pro league.

    As an ex international coach and current hockey fan, I miss tournaments like the Champions Trophy, and even the World League. Behind the Olympic Games and World Cup, the Champions Trophy was always help as the thirst most important world level tournament.

    I also believe the Champions Trophy was relevant as a stand-alone elite tournament where participating nations competed against the worlds top 6-8 teams, a prestigious and very competitive tournament.

    Maybe the sport should bring back the Champions Trophy?!?!


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