Monday, May 20, 2024

Flora Peel: from fun-fact political connections to Commonwealth hockey gold

Her great grandfather (times five) twice served as prime minister. Flora Peel is now embarking on a second coming in her own hockey career and is already a Commonwealth champion.

At the start of the year, Peel was set to sign for another season in the world-leading Dutch club league alongside her full-time career as a sports paralegal. An England career, it seemed, had stalled but after missing last month’s Women’s World Cup with a broken thumb, a senior international gold was won for the first time this month as she played a pivotal hand in key goals for England’s first major win in seven years.

Now, she is answering questions on her colourful family background.

“It used to be my fun fact at university,” the 25-year-old midfielder says of Robert Peel, the 19th century politician and one of the founders of the modern Conservative Party.

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