Monday, August 15, 2022

Hockey World Cup: How GB goalkeeper coped in Terrassa heat at 1992 Olympics

Terrassa —  Clad in foam, Jo Thompson, the former GB goalkeeper, says she could cope with the cauldron of Olympic hockey back in 1992. Her team-mates felt the conditions then. It was in training and warm-ups where Thompson felt the searing heat at Estadi Olimpico as temperatures hit 100F.

“When you are a goalie and covered head to toe in foam, it didn’t help with the circulation,” she tells The Hockey Paper

“It was incredibly hard and to cool down we did the old fashioned cold towels and ice on the back of your neck. But it was manageable.”

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J Thompson (Slough); J Atkins (Bradford); S Fraser (Glasgow Western), K Johnson (Leicester), V Dixon (Ipswich); A Ramsay (Glasgow Western), K Brown (Slough), S Lister (Ipswich), W Fraser (Glasgow Western), J Sixsmith (Sutton Coldfield), M Nevill (capt, Leicester). M Nicholls (Ealing); T Miller (Clifton); J McWilliams (Randalstown); L Bayliss (Sutton Coldfield); H Morgan.


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  1. I think we do a grave disservice to these outstanding athletes when their names are incorrect in photos and text. Do your homework Rod. The Hockey Paper should be better than this! Fortunately this can be corrected quickly as it’s digital.


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