Friday, August 19, 2022

Women’s Hockey World Cup: Why I want Dutch dominance to end in Terrassa

I’m a huge fan of the all-conquering Netherlands side in women’s hockey. Some of the hockey they play is absolutely majestic, the goals they score and the skills they display are really something to behold and I think we’re lucky to witness a team of this quality. However, with the Women’s Hockey World Cup just days away, I have found myself wondering if it would be such a bad thing if the Dutch were to miss out on winning a third World Cup in a row.  

Before fans of the Oranje start deluging my Twitter timeline with angry posts about what a terrible person I am and what a horrible take this is, perhaps I should explain.  

It’s not so much that I have anything against this particular team. I don’t.

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  1. I respect your opinion Ross, but surely it is for other countries to raise their level so they can beat the Dutch, not the other way round?

    Equally, I’m not sure England &/or GB really presented a creditable challenge to the Dutch, a couple of appalling umpiring decisions and a very limited game plan relying on your keeper being ahead of the curve, was never going to be a long term strategy for success.

    Let’s hope the Belgium and Argentinan women can continue their upward trajectory and mount a serious challenge.

    And as for the Argentinian men, perhaps we should just move on?


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