Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Hockey Matters: Imagining your way to success

Players can use imagery at various points, including in training, at home when injured as well as before a game

Tiger Woods (Golf), Sylvie Bernier (Diving), Johnny Wilkinson (Former England Rugby international fly-half), Jessica Ennis-Hill (gold medal winning Team GB heptathlete), and Gabby Douglas (Double gold medal-winning US Gymnast). 

Apart from being extremely successful sportspeople, a common association links the five, they have all talked about the benefit of imagery in accelerating improvements in their performance, which have ultimately led to their success.

In fact in a study by Taylor, Gould and Rolo (2008), where they explored the difference in performance strategies of US Olympians in both practice and competition, they discovered that Imagery use was one of the strongest predictors of successful Olympic performance. 

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