Monday, June 27, 2022

Floodlight fears: Warning for UK hockey clubs ahead of electricity bills rise

EXCLUSIVE: Energy expert says councils may tighten purse strings and turn off floodlights across sport facilities

Hockey clubs and other sports which use floodlights in the UK have been issued a stark warning of the “serious and quite scary” electricity bills set for this autumn. A leading energy policy expert admitted to The Hockey Paper that it will likely impede on training nights and could even cut short seasons. 

Hockey and the likes of rugby, football and athletics clubs which use floodlights, as well as swimming pools with heating pools, are all set to come under the cosh when the new seasons commence in September.

Andrew Montford, who works at an energy think tank, is a trustee of Scottish club Kinross HC and wants to highlight the looming crisis for clubs across the UK. He says it is “terrifying” how much Kinross and other clubs could be paying from its coffers during the autumn.

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