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‘It went in!’: Season-ending controversy as Loughborough denied goal

The Vitality Women’s Premier Division season ended in controversial and unsatisfactory fashion on Saturday when a seemingly legitimate penalty stroke was ruled by the umpires.

Charlotte Watson had scored what the Loughborough Students players thought to be a clear goal into the net. The on-field umpire initially signalled as such, before the University of Birmingham players immediately made it clear to the officials that the ball had missed.

With the Loughborough University cameras broadcasting the game, replays showed that the goal should stand, with the commentators even relaying the news to players on the pitch.

“Someone needs to let the umpires know it went in,” said one of the Students’ commentators.

However, after a period of confusion, the goal was ruled out by the umpire and Birmingham stayed 3-1 ahead to finish seventh in the league after a 4-1 victory, finishing ahead of Buckingham, who beat Swansea.

With nothing riding on the Loughborough and Birmingham game, England Hockey were spared the likelihood of any protests.

Holcombe, Loughborough Students and Swansea finished ninth, 10th and 11th, the Welsh side having already been relegated and Loughborough Students surviving after England Hockey’s changes to relegation, with 12 teams playing in the top flight next season.

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  1. The striker has a foot either level or in front of the ball. This fact is pointed out by the umpire stood to the side who is in the correct position to make that decision and advises his colleague who is in overall control. There is nothing wrong with the decision and no question that the ball went in the net. However, what is wrong is to criticise the umpires who were correct. It is no surprise that umpires give up when critical comments are made. Those critical of the umpires should read the rules and possibly consider trying to umpire themselves. They should also apologise to the umpires. Umpires do make mistakes but players make more.

    • Is that factual? If you have that as first hand information from the umpires then fine – though i have never seen that given at any level of hockey the rules are clear. However, it is not 100% clear if that is the case on the video due to the angle.
      I do find it strange, as that was clearly not what the UOB players were appealing for – they reacted to strange angle the ball came out of the goal (after going in!), the umpires conferred and overturned the decision already signalled.

  2. Disallowed as umpires thought the ball had hit the post and not gone in, as told by the Loughborough player taking the penalty stroke. Loughborough accepted the decision as knew the game had no impact on league position.


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