Friday, July 1, 2022

Why Old Georgian James Tindall, 39, still has hockey appetite

In the clubhouse at Old Georgians, there is a picture of James Tindall playing for Dragons, the club’s junior side, in the 1990s. “You sit there and think that this club has come such a long way from 1995 where the founders were sat in a pub in Weybridge,” says Tindall.

Earlier this month, Tindall completed the club set, winning the only outdoor league he hadn’t won with Old Georgians when the Surrey side secured the Premier Division title. “It is crazy to think when I was coming up through the ranks that in 20 years time we would be at the pinnacle of domestic hockey,” he adds.

“I know there has been a lot of drive and effort to build the club. We have had ups and downs and now have come back bursting back on the scene and it is a great place to be at the moment.”

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Old Georgians v Wimbledon: Saturday 2pm


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