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The story behind Hampstead & Westminster hockey club’s blazer

The Hampstead & Westminster HC annual dinner of 1991 was noteworthy for the first appearance of the ‘Veterans’ Touring Blazer’, writes Ian Smith.

This was another initiative pursued by Chris Elliott and facilitated by Hugh Smith in conjunction with A E Clothier in Cambridge.

It was initially available to those members who had represented the Club on a hockey tour overseas. It soon became very popular and contributed significantly to the identity of the Club.

Over time, the blazer became more widely associated as a way to recognise commitment to the Club (and without the overseas playing requirement).

As supplies of the textile began to run low in 2018, a fresh bolt was commissioned and the continuation of the blazer was secured.

It quickly became a focal point of interest and one by which the Club’s presence was soon established, such as within the crowd at the national championships at Lee Valley in 2019.

And amongst those members attending memorial services, where they became readily identifiable for photographers, including this at Peterborough Cathedral for the late Peter Boizot.

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So now you’ve seen the images, we want to know whether there are other club outfits out there across the globe which can rival Surbiton and H&W?

It could be a shirt, jumper, tie, dress or suit. Email newsdesk@thehockeypaper with your images

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