Thursday, November 30, 2023

Develop hockey goalkeepers – don’t develop ‘a goalkeeper’

Have a group of players develop as goalkeepers and as field players at the same time, says PETER D’CRUZ

During the fundamentals learning period for young players in a club or school programme, please don’t make the mistake made in youth programmes in all sports which require a goalkeeper where only one player trains and plays as the goalkeeper.

Youth programme coaches never to say to one player, “You will only train and play right back and nothing else”, so we should not do the same with the goalkeeper position. 

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Peter D’Cruz is the founder of the Hockey Curriculum for Players & Coaches

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  1. I love this post. Unfortunately for parents of young children eager to use hockey training as exercise, they don’t consider goalkeeping an option for their kids. If as suggested you rotate between four children who learn both goalkeeping and outfield skills, not only will you have more encouraging parents, but also more able goalkeepers. Training should also not be confused with matches….where watching a goalie do very little does not seem to warrant pizza after the match…..


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