Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Laura Unsworth: an underappreciated great of world hockey?

If you were to name the modern day greats from Great Britain’s women’s squad, the list would most likely feature the likes of Alex Danson, Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh, Hollie Pearne-Webb and Maddie Hinch.  

You can argue the order of the list till the cows come home, but give or take, the choices wouldn’t deviate an awful lot from those above.  

I have absolutely no quibble with any of them.

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  1. Laura Unsworth is indeed one of the top players for GB/England. Watching matches (online, as I do), I can always spot her from 3,000 miles away: head up, scanning the field, advancing the ball slowly, then winding up and whacking a perfect pass to a teammate in motion 40, 50, 60 or more yards away. She is brilliant and a joy to watch. Hope to see her play in person someday soon.

  2. Yes indeed the pocket rocket is an inspiration and role model for any player. She has all the skills, particularly the telling passes. She reads the game brilliantly. Opponents can surround her, but somehow she can wriggle free and create an attacking move from defence. I like the way she can burst through and link up with the attack. I’d like to see her being allowed to do more of that, and do more follow up shots. Whether playing for England or her club she gives 100 per cent and never tires. One to follow.


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