Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Holcombe faced playing with 11 outfield players for top Premier Division match

Holcombe men were considering using either a 16-year-old or over-55 Masters player as their goalkeeper in the Premier Division after they were denied grounds for postponement at the weekend, leaving Hampstead & Westminster with a 5-0 walkover.

With No.1 Ollie Payne on Pro League duties, Holcombe planned to play their second string goalkeeper against Hampstead & Westminster, who had some first team experience, but who then tested positive for Covid.

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  1. Unfortunately to England Hockey top flight club hockey is an inconvenience.
    It’s all about International Hockey and Lottery funding at that level.

    Hopefully “the Ivory Tower” which is Bisham will wake up……major changes are needed.
    Even at International level the coaches and squad selections are questionable and the lack of engagement with Coaches of the top flight teams is shocking.

    • How true Mark and posted on here several times that EH just look after the Top of the pyramid.

      See on here articles on clubs folding as per lack of facilities.

      Although do get the positive of the lower clubs with families or many of them keeping clubs going like an article also promoted by the Hockey Paper.

      Not careful the game will become elitist again and the target group of players and supporters will dwindle.

      Too many consultant from outside the game within EH causing strife.

  2. This particular problem where you cannot get postponements has been going on a long time.

    I remember that we had 9players missing due to various international tournament’s. I wrote to the appropriate person in charge of the competition’s committee and was told no.

    Also we had the same problem indoor when going into Europe representing England Hockey. Not once but three times.

    I was manager of Loughborough Students for a number of years as some of you will know.

    Rob Mc BLane


    • Bill – not sure you raise valid points!

      Premiership rugby has £6.5m per club salary cap and compensated for when players go on international duty.
      Premiership rugby matches have also been cancelled due to covid.

      I am definitely not a Holcombe fan but 3rd team keeper playing SE Div 1 maybe capable but that standard if far removed form nat prem – was he registered or even willing to step up. Not sure we know all the facts.

      I also played hockey for 1st team at 14/15 but as you know as a Keeper yourself it is specialist position. In the era when you and I started leather hockey balls were in play on grass pitches! Today would have had Matt Guise Brown flicking at 90mph at his head or ramshaw or shipperley in open play drilling them at him….. there is a massive difference between Premium hockey to even National South Div.

      The main issue unlike rugby where financially compensated and Six Nations embedded in the league calendar as supports the league in funding. Hockey we need more spectators and coverage and by reducing quality of the league is ludicrous. We need to sort out the timetable so National league does not clash with Internationals.

      I would also argue some players at International need Club hockey to develop better. I know some players have said as much.

    • How true and to be honest a club playing in any of the National League even at Conferences level would have talented and experienced GK to step up.

      As we know GK last line of defence so what are the players in front of him doing.

      • they have 10+ keepers ….so maybe could of used one – not sure who were registered to be allowed to play. big diff 3rd team keeper playing canterbury 5ths in the league versus H@W 1’s

  4. This is pretty much what every club faces week in week out. I don’t actually understand why the over 55s GK wasn’t considered. As a GK in the same age bracket, I have played for all of our teams including the 1st team when we were short. I admit that I am not in the same league as this team but if 55 and playing for Holcombe, then I must assume he is pretty decent and very experienced.
    Surely there was more chance with him than taking the walk over. As a club, we have had to concede some of our games but we always made sure that the highest teams turned out, even if we were weakened.

    This does highlight though the lack of funding and exposure to the game. It still defies logic in my opinion that games are only available if one pays for BT sport or similar. If you want new blood and sponsorship then the sport needs to be accessible for free.
    Add in the previous comments and articles re clubs and pitch issues and it does not bode well for the future at grass level who in turn feed the larger teams and as such the international teams. Pinner didn’t just start playing with the top teams but started in more humble surroundings.
    EH need to consider these points and others made in many of the threads in this paper.


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