Saturday, December 9, 2023

3D skills in hockey will only get more dynamic in modern game

Rupert Barker looks at the progression of 3D skills in the modern game and how it will develop in our sport

Kwan Browne is recalling an usual sight in hockey. It was the first time he had witnessed an opponent moving the ball and dribbling in the air. “In 2003 an Argentine striker carried the ball like an egg and spoon,” he says. “Lifting the ball and moving it in the air has become much more prevalent over the last five or six years. It used to be just the odd tricky maverick doing it, but now it’s pretty common.”

In the early 2000’s lifted passes and dribbling skills started to break into the game.  Now, 3D skills are a requisite for any player trying to make their way in hockey, but how have they changed the game?

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