Thursday, June 13, 2024

Why GMS will lift hockey players, teams and leagues in England

David Lloyd-Williams says the cultural shift with England Hockey’s new system will change the face of the sport

The new, (not yet fully) shiny Game Management System isn’t just about the admin side of the game.

Some wonderful things will be achieved with the data. Stats galore: top scorers per team, club, division, league, Area, nationally, by season, gender, age. And beyond scorers: appearances, clean sheets – top this, top that. These will doubtless be the basis of annual awards.

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  1. It’s a poor reflection on England Hockey that I only understood the potentially massive benefits of GMS from articles in the Hockey Paper. Little was gleaned from England Hockey social media posts or media output other than they over promised and under delivered and apologised unreservedly. That’s fine as far as it goes but a lot of committed volunteers are still pretty sore at the mess they were confronted with, and only the Hockey Paper explained that much of the initial problem was simply down to the scope and ambition of the GMS. If GMS eventually works as it should, then that ambition will be applauded in the fullness of time, but it’s regrettable that England Hockey’s communication was so poor. That is ongoing as I still have absolutely no idea when GMS will be fully up and running. Perhaps England Hockey could clarify?

  2. Will it be ready for the start of Next season? As a mere spectator, I just want to know when the games are on, perhaps 3 months in advance.

    • I must agree Mark. It has taken me a VP of my club, also a life President of Berkshire HA to be able to choose my games to watch. It is only with the help of the Wallingford club Secretaries help that I’ve been able to watch. The set up by EHA the website has been a disaster.


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