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Top six place could go to the wire, admits Beeston manager

Beeston manager Graham Griffiths believes the make-up of the league split could go down to goal difference this month.

Beeston currently sit in eighth place and two points off the top six place with four games remaining of their first half of the season.

“If we can hang in there, we will be playing East Grinstread at their place on the last weekend,” said Griffiths. “And I think it could go to goal difference on the last day.”

Griffiths has always been in favour of a 12-strong Premier Division with play-offs over the current structure as Beeston look to cement their place in the top half instead of a battle to keep their Premier Division status in the nervy waters of the bottom five.

“With two being relegated out of five, I’m not entirely convinced that is the right way forward,” admitted Griffiths.

“I would have thought the 10th place team might have got themselves a play-off between the north and south winners.”

“For two sides to come out of the Premier Division from 11, that is too many. We will lose two very good teams.”

Beeston were defeated with a late Durham goal at the weekend, with Griffiths joking that the squad should have turned around on the motorway for lunch well before reaching their destination ahead of a 3-2 defeat and holding a lion’s share of the play. 

Beeston host league leaders Surbiton on Sunday.

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