Sunday, August 7, 2022

Hockey participation in England sees ‘significant decrease’ since Rio Olympics

'Although figures may look alarming, we should be careful not to over-interpret them,' says researcher

Hockey participation levels have seen a decline since Rio 2016, according to Sport England’s Active Lives survey.

There has been a significant fall in participation over the last five years, from 156,700 down to 117,000 up until May 2019/20 (though this period includes the early stages of the pandemic).

Most notably, female participation in hockey across England fell; from 77,200 (2015/16) to 49,200 in 2019/20. However the current figure represents something of a rebound from a low point of 38,700 in 2017/18. Overall, Sport England says there was a “significant decrease” over the five-year period. 

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