Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Matches should be suspended if injuries to goalkeepers’

East Grinstead coach says 7-0 defeat to Old Georgians 'couldn’t really be classed a game of hockey'

East Grinstead men’s coach Tim Deakin says that a ruling should be enforced for Premier Division matches to be called off if teams have to put outfield players in goal.

Goalkeeper Sam Lloyd was taken to hospital with suspected concussion after an accidental first-half injury collision against Old Georgians at the weekend.

The Scottish hockey international was motionless on the turf before being assessed by medical staff and was later discharged from hospital. Deakin says that Lloyd is “on the road to recovery” but still struggling with dizziness and headaches.

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    • An outfield player has to stand there in a mask but only has the rights of a normal player (ie cannot use body etc)

  1. Ok their 2nd keeper was also out injured, but they run 8 mens teams. Surely it would have been better to have one of their other keepers on the bench rather than risk putting an outfielder between the sticks.

  2. As teams can and do opt to play with 11 outfield players, if they are really worried about safety of an inexperienced keeper in the pads, then don’t do it

  3. Not sure how you can ask for a rule to call off games if an outfield player has to go in goal when coaches opt to replace their goalkeeper with an outfield player in the dying minutes as they try to grab a late goal. Not only that, the scope for tactical injuries arises …


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