Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Afghanistan hockey player dies in Kabul explosion

Afghanistan hockey has said that one of its men’s players, Najib Mohammad Zai, was killed in a bomb explosion last week.

It is understood that Najib died when at least five civilians were caught up in an explosion outside a mosque in the Afghan capital.

Mustafa Saadat, Afghanistan Hockey Federation’s president, told The Hockey Paper: “There was a painful incident in that one of our hockey heroes was killed in a terror attack.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing that war kills many young countrymen of Afghanistan every day. It makes the family fear and deprives the country from human beings.

“While Afghanistan Hockey Federation is deeply saddened by the recent events, we pray for our friend in heaven.”

Last month, we reported how there was “no hope” for women hockey players in Afghanistan following the ban on sport by the Taliban government.

Saadat asked THP whether there was any help forthcoming from the International Hockey Federation.

The FIH said that it couldn’t comment as it wasn’t aware of Najib’s passing, but “our contacts with the Afghanistan Hockey Federation continue”.


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