Saturday, December 9, 2023

Hockey stick review: Adidas Kromaskin.1 

Adidas Kromaskin.1 

Make: Adidas 

Model: Kromaskin.1 

Shape: Choasfury (formerly AX) 

Bow: Ultra Low – 24mm, 200mm from head 

Carbon: 95% premium grade Carbon 

Price: c. £300 


Hypetex Kromaskin technology wrapping the stick shaft which enhances power generation and stick durability. 

Epoxy core in the head of the stick creates a more consistent structure for an enhanced sweet spot and improved response when passing and receiving the ball. 

Unique carbon lay-up and premium grade carbon are used to create the stiffest stick for ultimate power generation. 

THP Verdict: 

This is a quality stick with good feel on the dribble and outstanding power on the hit and slap as well as picking up nicely on the flick. If you’re a high-level all-round player who likes hitting power combined with a soft touch, then this may be for you. You’ll be in good company too, with the likes of Alan Forsyth and Eva De Goede also using the Kromaskin 1. 


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