Thursday, February 22, 2024

GB Hockey: 5s calls for long-term vision on short version’s importance

The FIH’s stance on swiftly moving Hockey 5s to a World Cup showpiece has left England Hockey to admit that the format calls for long-term vision.

How this plays out in terms of player make-up and funding was being discussed by the GB and England board at its meeting last month, as the threat of turning the game to 5s over 11-a-side remains at Olympic level.

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  1. I think that makes sense. There have been pitch changes to hockey5s so that now it has almost the same dimensions as indoor hockey. With the pitch changes, hockey5s should now be called indoor hockey plus or indoor hockey upgrade. The present version of hockey5s is indoor hockey played outdoors with hitting allowed and no striking circle.

    Hockey5s can play a role in saving hockey in schools and colleges, because it can be used in a multi sport facility as it now has same pitch dimensions as handball. It may also help hockey against the challenge of 3g pitches, since it no longer has to compete with football.


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