Tuesday, July 23, 2024

England Hockey’s new dawn is here – and GMS can move the sport forwards

The biggest governance change in two decades is upon us – once the Game Management System issues are ironed out

A new club season yields new hope. For English domestic hockey, 2021/22 – which kicks off this weekend when the Premier Division returns after 11 months – represents one of the biggest shake-ups in the sport and the way it is run. A ‘once in a generation’ shift as England Hockey put it when clubs voted on ‘A Structure Fit for the Future’ proposals.

From five regions to eight areas, 50 fewer organisations, 100 fewer committees across England and one streamlined set of league rules. Proposals met the green light from the off and stiff resistance from some sectors, but the vote was passed unanimously at England Hockey’s AGM. Change was rubber-stamped.

“I’m astonished to get where we are without the budgets,” England Hockey chief executive Nick Pink told The Hockey Paper last week.

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  1. “I’m astonished to get where we are without the budgets,” England Hockey chief executive Nick Pink told The Hockey Paper last week.

    I’m astonished that with the league season starting this weekend so much is not working. All for promoting the sport but let’s not pretend this has been a great success. Surely someone at England Hockey could predict that with this centralisation being driven through then a lot of long-term volunteers (including umpires) would stand down

  2. I’m astonished the GMS wasn’t trialled on one league before being rolled out nationwide.
    Plenty of learning points here…

  3. Whichever way you look at it it’s been a pretty poor start. Inexcusable behaviour for my money for a National governing body of a mainstream sport.


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