Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Hockey needs to take leap into the dark to reflect our overall society

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All children can gain equal access to hockey facilities but there is no easy short-term solution, writes PHIL BAILEY

From what has been reported into the current debate into the inclusiveness of hockey and the divide between the private/state school sectors, it seems clear that at the highest level there is a disparity in international participation between those who went to private schools compared to those who attended state schools.

In exploring these matters, I offer a personal view as someone who worked in the state sector for 43 years, initially as a PE teacher and latterly as a head teacher, for many years working in some areas of the highest deprivation in the country. I also play a minor role within the world of hockey as secretary of Clifton Robinsons HC, Hockey Wales Volunteer Cap Project Lead and an avid watcher of this great sport, both at club and international level.

This should not really be a debate about Private v State education and criticism should not be directed at those schools who have provided a quality product, scholarship and excellent facilities, but to how all children can gain equal access to this.

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Phil Bailey is a recently retired secondary head teacher and previous PE teacher. He is secretary of Clifton Robinsons HC and joint lead of the Hockey Wales Cap Project



  1. As you rightly say, hockey is almost entirely run by volunteers who do an amazing job but mostly who do not have the time to meet all the requirements stated, The local and national authorities have abdicated almost all responsibility for school sport and left it to clubs as it does their job and costs them nothing.


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