Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Arrogant’ Great Britain won Olympic gold by ‘pure luck’, claim top Dutch stars

Dutch hockey players have taken umbrage over comments made pre-match by Great Britain women as they booked a place in gold medal match at Tokyo Olympics

Dutch players who took silver behind Great Britain women at the Rio Games have poured scorn on their rivals, suggesting that Team GB are “arrogant” while their Olympic hockey gold was “pure luck” five years ago.

Alyson Annan’s world No.1 side powered into their fifth successive Olympic final following a machine-like 5-1 win over Great Britain on Wednesday.

“We have the feeling that those girls always have a lot of bravado, almost arrogant,” said Dutch captain Eva de Goede. “We really wanted to show today that they certainly don’t come near us.”

There was clearly no love lost between the two sides as the Dutch ensured another shot at gold and then admitted that comments from some GB players after their last eight win over Spain had given them impetus to once again outperform the British side.

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  1. Arrogant’ Great Britain won Olympic gold by ‘pure luck’, claim top Dutch stars
    it’s not arrogance but enthusiasm

  2. Yep, can see what the Netherlands mean… we sure were lucky in 2016… so lucky in fact that GB must have got some of the luck that stretched all the way back to 2015 when England were lucky enough to beat the Netherlands in the Euro finals. Good job the Netherlands aren’t arrogant or they’d be convinced they must be the unluckiest side in the world to lose 2 major finals in a row just through bad luck.

    • Very sad to see professional sportspeople make comments like this.
      To me all it’s done is make them look petty and egotistic. On the day GB came with a game plan and the will to win.
      Netherlands you lost. Simple as that just get over it.

  3. Who’s “arrogant”?

    GB won in 2015 and in 2016 in Rio because they wanted the title more and believed they
    could win.
    And GB had Maddie Hinch……

    That’s not arrogance that’s, brilliance, commitment and training. Sorry Netherlands, remarks like this have soiled your otherwise technically superb performance.

  4. Very smart to upset the No 1 in the world. I’m sure the Dutch gave it everything they had against us. How narrowminded can you be. I’m afraid it’s what England has become…a country full of narrow minded people, ignorant to what happens in the rest of the world.


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