Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Tokyo Olympics: Hockeyroos test out ‘anti-sex’ athletes’ beds

Australia women’s players have tested out the cardboard beds at the Olympic Village in Tokyo as the ‘anti-sex’ theory continued to be debunked.

Olympic competitors have been given beds to discourage them from any contact that could spread Covid during the Games.

The beds are reportedly made of cardboard and apparently designed to take the weight of only one person.

However, the Hockeyroos decided to test the theory this week.

Goalkeeper Rachael Lynch posted two photos which went viral, showing a trio of athletes jumping and sitting on the Village beds.

“Following many questions about our cardboard beds, we thought we should put them to the test,” Lynch wrote on Twitter. “Can confirm they are strong enough for activities!”

One Twitter user responded: “Had to break it to yous. But that isn’t how you have sex.” Lynch replied: “Oh oops.”

In 2014, a pre-game selfie from Hockeyroo Jayde Taylor, alongside team-mate Brooke Peris, with Her Majesty the Queen in the background went viral on the web capturing, as it did, the mood on the opening day of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

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