Monday, December 11, 2023

German university hopes to lift lid on hockey injuries

A study to find out the most common injuries in hockey is being undertaken.

The university Hospital of the Technical University of Munich has put together a survey and is working in close collaboration with active hockey players.

It is designed to specifically investigate injuries in hockey, their impact, as well as possible prevention strategies and hopes to include a large number of players from around the globe.

ACL injuries are a common occurence in hockey, while there is currently little data on areas such as concussion.


Maximilian Hinz, who is coordinating the study, said: “There is quite some data on injuries field hockey, however, we felt that the available studies did not yet assess injuries in hockey comprehensively enough.

“The aim of this study is to figure out what the most common and most severe injuries are in field hockey in terms of both overuse and acute injuries as well as to get insight into injury mechanisms, return to sport time frames and preventative measurements and their effectiveness.”

The survey questions relate to training, competitive play and injury prevention as well as the injury history of athletes.

This study was initiated by medical student Felix Winden, who played until a few years ago and now has a clinical and scientific focus on sports injuries.

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