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Hockey goalkeeping courses: Strength in the face of adversity

We have teamed up with goalkeeping coaching company Fortitude to offer an exclusive training camp offer

It is well known that a good goalkeeper is worth their weight in gold on any team. Fortitude have been coaching goalies for over six years with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have been on some fantastic journeys with many of them achieving their goals and broadening their horizon on and off the pitch.

It is clear that long-term regular training has huge benefits and recently we celebrated many of our goalkeepers reaching regional, national and international levels. We love to see them perform week after week at junior, adult and for masters teams.

This is what it’s all about, enjoying the journey, paving a bright hockey future and challenging the norms. Our way of coaching is diverse and firmly with the goalkeeper in mind. When we look at the modern game we know it changes quickly, the challenge therefore is to equip the goalkeepers with all the necessary tools to be fantastic problem solvers. Both co-founders Tom and Steve coach at the highest levels in the sport and know what it’s like to produce world class goalkeepers.

Our goalkeepers

Goalkeepers we have developed over the years are now achieving their goals. Oscar Jensen is a prime candidate having been with us from day one. Our first session at Reeds school was three hours long because Oscar wouldn’t leave the pitch, thirsty for more coaching. He is now at the University of Nottingham in the performance squad and has been trialling with the GB Elite Development Programme.

Sam Lloyd has also been training under with Fortitude in 1 on 1 sessions and performance sessions. Sam has made his way into the Premier Division for East Grinstead and so far has an outstanding domestic record. He is also in the senior Scotland squad with eyes on tournaments and the Commonwealth games.

Wales and former GB goalkeeper Rose Thomas, who many would have seen train through our social media channels, has also been with us as a player and coach over the years. Rose is one hell of a trainer and athlete.

We regularly train upskilling techniques and decision making skills on a 1 on 1 basis to link in with her squad sessions either for Holcombe HC or Wales. Rose has grown into a formidable goalkeeper who is very happy to get scrappy and make mistakes in order to learn. She is a fantastic mentor for many of our younger goalkeepers in this respect. 

What can we offer you?

Fortitude run a variety of training sessions from academies, camps, training days, 1 on 1 sessions and coach education for schools and clubs. We are making a huge effort to enable more training sessions for goalkeepers across many parts of the country and we are excited to be expanding our coaches network further afield.

For the 2021/22 season we will also be launching some new training schedules and mentoring programmes which enable goalkeepers access to our experience both on and off the pitch. There will be additional support with strength and conditioning, lifestyle management and psychology.

Many of our goalkeepers come on a journey with us over several years focussing very much on their long term development. 

For 2 weeks we will be offering an exclusive in collaboration with The Hockey Paper, a 10% discount on our Camps, Academies or 1-on-1 sessions – by using the code: thehockeypaper when booking them via our website.

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