Monday, August 15, 2022

Southgate set to host Y1 Hockey Championship men’s finale

A five-strong league featuring some of the top men’s clubs in southern England over five weekends has been organised to fill the void after the domestic season ended early.

Southgate, Holcombe, Wimbledon, Reading and Hampstead & Westminster will compete in the Y1 Championship. It kicks off on Saturday, with Southgate playing host to Holcombe and Reading travelling to Hampstead, while the Y1 London Cup will also take place for some of the top women’s teams.

Teams will host home matches while the finals will be held at Southgate on May 22, and organisers hope to live stream the cup match with spectators allowed, depending on restrictions.

“We knew the guys were itching to get back playing, so once England Hockey confirmed the league was being curtailed, it was a case of trying to organise something in its place,” said organiser Simon Parker, Southgate men’s 1s manager.

“While friendlies have their place, it isn’t the same as a competitive league with something on the line, for which with thanks to Y1, we now have.

“The Championship will give us six weeks of hockey in April and May and fills the gap nicely. Thanks to the club being fully supportive of the idea.”

It is understood that a similar concept is being lined up for a top women’s league and THP will report on this once details can be clarified.

Y1 Championship fixtures

Southgate v Holcombe
H&W v Reading

Reading v Holcombe
Wimbledon v H&W

H&W v Southgate
Reading v Wimbledon

Southgate v Reading
Holcombe v Wimbledon

Wimbledon v Southgate
Holcombe v H&W

22nd – Finals

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