Sunday, December 3, 2023

South Africa hockey men crowdfund to make Tokyo Olympics a reality

South Africa men are attempting to raise a minimum of £170,000 to help the team compete at the rescheduled Tokyo Olympics, with coach Garreth Ewing admitting it would be “heart breaking” if they couldn’t travel.

South Africa men and women have both qualified for the Tokyo Games but have faced increased financial difficulties amid its national Olympic committee’s stringent measures.

South Africa men, with a world ranking of 14, are pitted in a pool with world champs Belgium, GB, Holland, Germany and Canada.

South Africa take on Belgium at the 2018 men’s World Cup

And with limited Tokyo funds, the team has now been forced to find up to £240,000 in crowdfunding to make their dream a reality with the right preparation.

SA men have teamed up with to commercialise its brand with its funding campaign aiming to attract business, hockey fans and the public.

“We are running a highly professional environment with very little financial support,” said Ewing.

“All of the teams who are ranked above us on the rankings have full-time resources including players and staff. All of our players and staff have full-time jobs, every bit of support will go a long way.

South Africa will hopefully be competing against Canada at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

“We have been invited to a few tournaments overseas in preparation for Tokyo, but the challenge remains the ability to meet the financial demands required of us to participate.

“Getting to the Olympics is a dream come true, especially considering how difficult it is to qualify. We have done the hard work and deserve to be there; it would be heart-breaking if we are unable to go.

“We hope as many beneficiaries as possible will come out in support of our dream.”

For more information behind the crowdfunding head to

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