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Field hockey sticks: The guide about brands, materials, sizes and more!

A good and reliable stick is an integral part of field hockey playing. It can be made from different materials and by miscellaneous manufacturers, have various sizes and bows, cater for different purposes. It is essential to know key points to choose the most suitable hockey stick

Length and Weight

There are some standard sizes of sticks for senior and junior players. However, the average length can be insufficient or excessive. A correct stick should reach the front of your hips when it stands in front of your body.

The field hockey stick can be heavy, medium, or lightweight. It depends on the position the player is in. Nevertheless, many people prioritize standard-weight sticks.


In the past, sticks for field hockey were made of hardwood. Nowadays, such composite materials as Kevlar, carbon, or graphite are more popular and desired. A combination of materials is also available.  The material of the stick has a great value in terms of its weight, resilience, and power production. The grip can also be made of different textures (suede, rubber, and so on) to minimize the dampness on the stick. 


Today, field hockey sticks are produced by various companies. Osaka, Grays, TK, Adidas, Brabo, Indian Maharadja, and many other brands manufacture sticks from diversified materials, with miscellaneous characteristics, of distinct durability, and for different prices. It is very important to compare available options to determine the best one for your needs. Last but not least is the warranties of the provider.

Goalkeeper, midfield player, attacker, and defender must choose a stick that will match their position and style of play. For beginners, it is recommended to choose an average one before the person’s role in the field will be identified. Nonetheless, everybody should know the best store to buy a field hockey stick is­ Hockeygear Shop.

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