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Hockey stars add key recovery and strength tool to workout regime

The closure of thousands of fitness facilities across the UK has left not only millions of gym members on the search for alternative fitness regimes but professional athletes too.

Hockey housemates Alan Forsyth and Lewis Prosser took matters into their own hands by setting up a near-to-full garden gym for their home-friendly workout routines – aided by new technology to complement strength training, conditioning and recovery.

The international pair have been using Nurokor’s bioelectronic wearable technology – a bit like a compex machine – and during lockdown saw the value of this additional tool to their gym armoury after heavy training sessions.

Before the lockdowns, Forsyth would use it coming back from training while driving. Stimulating the muscles, the technology provides small electrical pulses which produces blood flow without contracting the muscles.

Scotland’s Alan Forsyth

“If someone wants to circulate more blood around a particular area it produces small pulses which you don’t feel and works really well,” says Prosser, who plays for East Grinstead and Wales.

“We use it after any heavy session and can take from 10 minutes up to an hour,” adds Scotsman Forsyth.

But it’s not just the pros who can use it. With hockey becoming ever more expansive, the Nurokor technology can be utilised by all amateur players after their weekend games.

Wearable by design, the technology can be used for sessions to get more contraction out of muscles. Say you want to work on your quads, the device has different training modes where it contracts the muscles while squatting or lunging to make it harder and stimulate growth.

“I use it while squatting,” says Prosser, “and it definitely feels like you are working harder. If you don’t have all the equipment it is a great tool and for recovery after sessions.”

What they say

“For those who are used to having everything imaginable in a fitness centre, it can be difficult to switch to workouts at home. But you can actually get a great workout just by doing exercises using your own bodyweight.

“Be creative, and use stuff you have in your home, or train with your kids and use them as resistance. This can also be a great way to have a bit of fun with the family!

“Bioelectronic devices such as NuroKor’s, can be of benefit, both for activating and maintaining your muscles, as well as to intensify your workout for specific strengthening training. This will help to activate up to 100% of your muscle fibres and give you better results for your training efforts.

“On the other side, NuroKor can be effective for relieving most types of pains in a natural, way. Relieving pain from sore and stiff muscles as well as reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation.”
Hilde Hjertholm, physiotherapist

For more information about NuroKor visit

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