Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Scottish Hockey launches blueprint for world stage success

Scottish Hockey has launched a new performance blueprint with the aim of bringing regular international success.

The document title BRAVE has five key characteristics in players behind it: Bold, Relentless, Accountable, Versatile and Excellent Decision Making.

Four elements have been identified that are key to translating the blueprint’s success to the world stage.

They relate directly to Scottish Hockey’s characteristics and culture as a nation “the style of hockey we wish to play, how we optimise athlete development, and our priorities for delivering quality coaching to support our best athletes.”

Scottish Hockey’s head of performance, Andy Tennant, said: “There’s clearly a lot of good work already happening across Scotland, so the idea is to build on this and align our system to create an identity for ourselves as a high performing performance hockey nation.

“So BRAVE helps define who we are; how we want to play; how we best develop talent, and what our key coaching priorities are. If we can align all these key elements, it will give us the best chance to be successful on the world stage.

“We want to build a system that helps players be those five things.”

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