Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Digital platform set to showcase European hockey clubs

The European Hockey Federation has launched EHTV+, a digital platform which it hopes will professionalise the sport, showcase clubs across the continent and broadcast more high-quality hockey.

The EHF is inviting leagues and clubs to consider using the platform which will be run in conjunction with its stakeholders, infrastructure specialist Recreational International Systems (RSI) and Scorrd, known for its fantasy leagues.

EHF Director-General Angus Kirkland said: “We want to find the answer to the elusive question around how to professionalise our sport.”

With thousands of matches taking place across Europe, the EHF added that it was looking to leverage and showcase clubs to a wider audience wanting to watch more hockey online. THP has asked the EHF to clarify the cost to clubs.

Those clubs who get on board will be supplied with multiple 4K cameras, and software will include live streaming, video analysis tools for coaches and automated highlights.

The EHF will utilise clubs’ coverage on social media after partnering with Hockey Filmpje, the social media specialist.

Meanwhile, Studio Hockey will create a weekly video magazine on Europe’s top hockey leagues with highlights, insights, and interviews.

Kirkland added of the platform: “It offers clubs the ability to bring our sport to the next level and not just for the top teams. With the live streaming options, clubs can ensure that grandparents who can’t always make it to the club, never miss a game of their grandkids.”

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