Monday, December 4, 2023

Taiwan awarded 2025 World Masters Games

The International Masters Games Association has awarded the 2025 World Masters Games to Taipei and New Taipei city in Taiwan.

It follows news that the 2021 Games in Kansai has been postponed due to the pandemic.

The Games, billed as the world’s largest multi-sport participatory event, will have its 11th edition in five years time after previous editions in Canada, Italy, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand.

Jens V Holm, IMGA CEO, said: “The selection of Taipei and New Taipei City will strengthen our strategic positioning in the region and help us continue our mission to grow Masters sport internationally.

“Many east Asian governments understand that, with an ageing population, sport serves not only to maintain long-term health, but also as a tool for inter-generational social integration. If we can achieve these goals and at the same time enjoy the immense beauty of Taiwan, then everyone is a winner.”

The last Masters Games was held in Auckland in 2017. Hockey teams with names such as Fading Angels, Tassie Old Devils and Goulbourn Aussie battlers competed. Age groups range from 35+.

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