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Pub code ‘bring a yellow shirt’ for called off hockey matches sparks charity T-shirt

Inspired by a tweet from Jon Bower at Westbury HC, Hockey Match Teas have teamed up with Y1 Hockey to create a T-shirt for hockey enthusiasts everywhere. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to food charity Fare Share UK.

Jon’s tweet shared the Rotherham HC tradition of calling players and telling them to ‘bring a yellow shirt’. This, it read, was code for: the game is off, meet in the pub.

The Hockey Match Teas community have embraced this tradition, and teaming up with a kit supplier seemed the next logical step.

Jon Bower tweeted this excellent anecdote

Enter Y1 Hockey. The yellow Y1 Hockey x Hockey Match Teas shirt will be available soon, say the partners. Follow their Twitter accounts keep up to date with developments.

The tweet was well shared on social media and seemed to resonate with the player of yesteryear.

Councillor Adrian Henchy wrote that Ireland’s Portrane HC, then known as St. Ita’s in the 70/80s, were the pioneers of the Saturday innovation to cope with grass postponements.

He wrote: “In fact it’s fair to say player turnout in the local for a postponement was often better than if the game would have went ahead.”

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