Thursday, November 30, 2023

‘Always check your own insurance at your hockey club’

Great Britain and Surbiton midfielder Emily Defroand has stressed the importance of amateur players checking their own insurance with clubs.

The Hockey Paper has heard stories of players unsure of whether the club holds insurance for players or whether players have take responsibility themselves.

Defroand lost two teeth two winters ago when Alex Danson’s stick accidentally connected with her team-mate during a training session.

Defroand’s two front teeth were knocked straight out and the England midfielder subsequently underwent root canal surgery.

She says she was covered by her Opro gum shields, while there was some insurance put into place through the centralised contracts.

“I was wearing a gum shield and I still lost two teeth and split my lip wide open,” she said.

“The doctor said I could have been a real state. So it is very important to have cover when you are playing a physical sport like hockey.

“There are serious injuries to be sustained and you have to be careful as your health is so important.”

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