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Do you know the RTP of slot games at Intertops Casino?

When you visit any casino site such as Betmentor, you must be wondering what is RTP stating at their data table. In this article, I will explain to you the definition of RTP and its importance to players like you..

The RTP actually stands for Return to Player which describes the expected amount of winning a player will actually receive after winning spin of slots. Usually, players need to find a casino or a game that has a high RTP percentage, because this number will let you know the chance of your winning spin of slots in the long run compared with those with low RTP.

Understanding its importance to players’ benefits, a good casino review website such as etmentor will help you sift through countless casinos to find the best ones in the market.

Usually, when it comes to casino games. Slot games have the highest RTP which commonly above 96%, for example: see detail at Intertops Casino review by Betmentor. For example, Starburst has an RTP of 96.09%, which means that you can expect to be paid $96.09 for each $100 you bet. Some table games such as  French roulette also have a good RTP as well which is nearly 99% of RTP.

The house edge is the fee that a casino charges you when you play or use their service. Starburst is said to have a house edge of 100% – 96.09% = 3.91%.

If you intend to gamble in the long run, it is necessary to understand the concept of RTP or the house edge.

The random chance of winning and fair payouts

Fair game is very important while you gamble. When choosing a standard casino, their games must be governed by the Random Number Generators, also known as RNG. This third party will guarantee the outcome of the games is unbiased.

The Random Number Generators will make sure every spin is independent and does not have any connection to previous spins by you or other players.

How does a casino decide RTP for a slot game?

The Return to Player metric for a slot game is calculated by math fundamentals in a specific game. These math formulas also have an effect on the payouts of a game and its max bet.

The game providers will display and decide the RTP. A casino must get the gambling license from a  an gambling authority. To pass that process, the game provider should pass the certification process and an independent auditor should check the game server simulation. This audit then verifies that the announced RTP is correct.

The difference between RTP for progressive slots and jackpot games

When it comes to two types of most popular slots which are progressive slot games or jackpot slots, the return player rate can also be separated into 2 different types.

  • Payback: A casino pays you by landing winning combinations when playing the base game.
  • Jackpot payout: A casino will only pay you when you hit a jackpot. In reality, Only a few players will get jackpot in a year. If he gets, he must be the very lucky one because Jackpots are usually big wins.


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