Wales’ Liv Forey has been posting backyard skills videos since lockdown, with her latest ‘computer game’ effort going internet viral. THP finds out more…

How did you come up with the idea and how does it work?

My dad is a coach at Gwent HC and comes up with lots of cool ideas for me and my sister Becca to try. This drill involved my family (Liv and her sister have played cricket for Wales and her mum has been to two Commonwealth Games with bowls) rolling hockey balls at me at different speeds and angles, whilst I tried to move from one set of white cones to the other keeping control of my ball.

What skills has it made you learn?

This drill was to master my close control ball skills, footwork and hand-eye co-ordination.

What have you learnt in lockdown from others and not being able to play on the pitch?

Lockdown has been difficult as I really miss playing hockey. I have been watching different videos online and thinking of things I can practice so I can use them when we get back to playing matches!

Has the lockdown made your love of the sport stronger?

I have played hockey since I was eight – I absolutely love it! The lockdown has shown me just how much I miss playing with my friends and team-mates.

What events were you hoping to play this summer and what are your hockey dreams?

I was selected to represent UK Lions this season and so this summer was due to play in Netherlands, Repton Cup and in Ireland. I was also meant to play for the South Wales Dragons in Nottingham in the regional championships. My hockey dreams are to represent Wales U16s and eventually hopefully play for GB. I am 13 and at the moment I am in the Hockey Wales pathway in the Aspire group.

What has been the reaction to your videos?

My sponsors Grays Hockey have been fantastic supporting the skills videos I’ve posted. The response to this one has been unbelievable – I can’t believe some of my hockey hero’s like Alex Danson and Sam Quek have seen it!

For more of Liv’s skills videos head to Twitter 

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